About Us

Hair Regain offers hair loss management, hair care, hair transplant (Micro FUE), new hair growth, advanced PRP, advanced stem cell, advanced growth factor injection, hair growth laser and many more treatment options to the clients. The treatment we offer are Indian and USA FDA approved which are without any side effects. Clients/ patients whether male or female at any age at any age facing problems regarding hair can see improvements in their condition within 2 months after undergoing the treatment. Noticeable change can be seen in 2 months. One can view set up images, treatment results and reviews of patients/ clients on our page.

Hair Regain

With Our Scientifically Proven Cyclical Vitamin Therapy / Application And (LLLT) Low Light Laser Therapy (USA.FDA) Approved You Can Regain Your Hair Back Without Surgical Procedure

Our Hair Loss Treatment Program

  • New Hairs can be achieved by Stimulating hair growth with our cyclical Vitamin and Advanced Low Light Therapy.
  • The vitamin program not only grow new hairs but also delivers well ness and good health with anti again benefits.
  • With our program, patients with hair loss between grade I-V may not require a hair transplant.
  • Patients in grade VI-VII can be assured of better results by following our program before and after the hair-transplant.
  • The vitamin program is equally beneficial for men and women at all ages.
  • Transplant done by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method no cut no stitch.
  • Hair line is drawn and confirmed with the patients.
  • Procedure is Practically pain less with our Special pain reducing Techniques.
  • Patient can travel back the same evening.(No Hospitalization).
  • Special Post care kit Provided by us.
  • Hair Growth can be seen stating in 3-4 months after hair transplant.